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Debbie Rye  -  Energy Healer
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My Geopathic Stress Experiences

My own experience of Electromagnetic and Geopathic Stress


For many years I suffered from severe headaches. I also experienced 2 miscarriages and developed pregnancy related diabetes during the subsequent successful pregnancy. The diabetes returned about 4 years after the birth of my son and gradually worsened from being treated by diet alone, to diet and tablets and eventually insulin.


I became very ill shortly after going on to insulin and it was only after undergoing tests and treatment under the NHS for 14 months that I began to look for alternatives. It was then that I found out I was suffering from candida and I followed a herbal cleanse and build up programme which cleared the candida from my body and restored my health almost completely. My only remaining health problem was a headache on waking each morning or a fuzzy head. Some days my head would be terrible and I would need pain killers but after being out of bed for about an hour it would improve. As the day progressed I would feel more and more energetic and well. Other mornings it would only be a fuzzy head and this would clear soon after getting up but it was a nuisance. I was getting concerned at the amount of paracetamol I was taking.


On my last 2 holidays I went away with a supply of headache tablets but surprisingly never had a single headache on waking. I came to the conclusion that the bad heads were related to my house in some way although I wasn’t sure exactly how.


I read a leaflet on the effects of GS and it seemed it could be the answer. I discovered from a dowser that there was a ray crossing my bed. As advised I bought a device to neutralise the GS in my house which helped tremendously. I believe that the GS in my house contributed to my headaches, 2 miscarriages, my diabetes and eventually my candida.


I read more on the subject and found I could dowse. This started me on a spiritual path as I began to learn more about Angels and the spiritual realms. I have developed clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. I was guided by the Angels to start healing Geopathic Stress in peoples houses. I now work with my Higher Self and the Archangels doing soul rescue, earth healing and past life healing.


I now believe that the GS in my house contributed to at least 95% of my headaches, my 2 miscarriages, my diabetes and eventually my candida.


If anyone is not responding to treatment, whether conventional or alternative, it is most likely they are living in a GS or EMS place.


Please email me for a free dowsing to see if you are affected by GS.